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Bubble packaging film
Protects, fills ...

Bubble packaging film

Protects, fills ...
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The bubble film is made of two-layer, high-quality PE film.

Air bubbles provide protection against damage.

Extremely robust, resistant to temperature changes, dust and water.

Bubble film used:

  • Protect surfaces when transporting them;
  • From shocks, compressions or vibrations;
  • Fill the volume.

* Dimensions of the film: Width x length m (meters).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Bubble wrapping film is a flexible, transparent, plastic material used for wrapping, packing, filling empty spaces in packages, due to its unique property, protruding air bubbles, bubble wrapping film is perfect for sending fragile items, because even if the glass item is wrapped properly , because evenly spaced air bubbles perform a damping function.

Items wrapped properly in bubble wrap will be protected not only from shocks during transportation, but also from vibration, moisture, dust and other consequences of direct contact.

In terms of bubble packing properties, this packing tool is reusable. Flexible plastic coating with many air pockets will not deform after one use, low bubble film weight reduces shipping costs, film transparency allows visual inspection of the shipped product, which means that in case of certain problems your product will not be scratched, bubble wrap film resistant , protects the surface from abrasion, elastic and strong.

There are various types and sizes of bubble packing film in our range, so each customer will choose the most suitable packaging for shipping and storage, taking into account the item being shipped and the desired level of amortization and security.