About us

We, Pakingas UAB, and our entire team, have one goal- make our clients successful, improving the efficiency of their work process. You can easily find us by phone, e-mail or online store. We cooperate with various clients and every one of them is of the highest importance to us. That is why we fulfill orders as quickly and neatly as possible. Since all offered good are placed in stock, delivery time is significantly faster.

Offered products:

Various boxes: Two-piece boxes, two-piece boxes with a PVC box, two-piece box with a small cap, a cake, a cup box, a torch box, a food and confectionery box. bins or removable boxes, garbage cans, corrugated cardboard boxes, carton boxes, boxes for transportation, boxes with ears, quick closures, fefco 0201 boxes, fefco 0427 boxes, decorative boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes.

Various bags: Paper bags with Twist, Flat Flat Holders, Plastic Pouches, Plastic Pouches with T-Shirts, HDPE Pouches, LLDPE Pouches, Doy-Pack Pouches, Aluminum Doy-Pack Pouches , plastic bags with a block bottom, paper bags for food, confectionery,

Packing materials: bubble packing film, blown polyethylene film, stretch film, adhesive packing tape, letterhead envelopes, air-coated bubble envelopes, colored paper shavings, wood shavings, color silk paper, protective cardboard corners, bulk packaging granules, eps cubes, air bags, polypropylene binding strap, manual PP / PET strap tensioners, wire buckles, metal buckles, adhesive tape holder, universal adhesive labels, adhesive labels in rolls, etc.