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Polyethylene foam film

For construction, logistics, furniture production ...

Polyethylene foam film

For construction, logistics, furniture production ...

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The polyethylene foam film perfectly keeps the heat, a great insulating material.

Resistant to chemicals, water, water vapor.

Extremely robust, resistant to temperature changes, dust and water.

The polyethylene foam film is used for:

  • In construction;
  • Logistics;
  • Furniture production.

* Dimensions of the film: Width x length m (meters).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Blown polyethylene is a universal packaging material used to protect various products. The film has excellent insulating properties, due to which the products will be protected from the external environment, shocks, temperature changes, humidity during transportation or storage. You can be sure that the internal properties of the product will also remain unchanged, because the blown polyethylene films retain heat, water, air.

With the help of blown polyethylene, fragile and fragile objects will be protected from scratches and punctures, as this packaging, based on a sponge, will absorb all shocks. The elasticity and resilience of blown polyethylene will allow wrapping and thus protect any shape, dimensions, whether large or small.

Another important feature of blown polyethylene film is that this packaging can be cut, folded and otherwise modified without compromising the properties of the material.

For your convenience, Pakingas offers blown polyethylene of different sizes and thicknesses, so every customer will find the most suitable packaging for protecting their products.