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Stretch packaging film

For shipments, attachments, violations ...

Stretch packaging film

For shipments, attachments, violations ...

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The hand-stretch packing film (Stretch) is made of LLDPE material.

Dedicated to consolidate on a pallet, pack items, boxes.

Secures your goods from damage, dust or water transporting.

Stretch film is used for:

  • For fastening of loads on pallets;
  • Protect sent goods;
  • Manufacturing of industrial goods.

* Dimensions of the film: Width x length m (meters).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Elastic packaging film is also known as stretch - an effective way to easily pack and protect the desired product. The main functions of an elastic packaging film are the packaging of several items into one large product, the reinforcement of individual products. Due to these utilization features, stretch film is considered to be one of the most versatile and commonly used packaging tools.

Packaging film is produced in a special way, therefore it has good physical properties - ductility, transparency, strength. The elastic properties of the packaging film provide stability for large production compounds, such as wooden pallets, so you can be sure that your products will not come out during transport and reach the required point safely.

Not surprisingly, when transporting items, they become sensitive to sudden movements or unexpected external factors. These hazards can damage the goods and sometimes irreversibly affect them. To avoid these consequences, an elastic packaging film is used, one of the most important properties of which is airtightness, stretch film protects the product from minor mechanical damage, dust, temperature changes.

In our range you can choose from two colors of packaging films - transparent and black and also from different sizes and microns of elastic packaging films.