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Protective cardboard corners

Protective cardboard corners

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Protective cardboard corners are made of strong, pressed cardboard.

The best solution for edge and edge protection.

Stabilizes packaging, protects products during packaging, transportation or storage.

Easy, cheap and convenient to use. Recyclable.

If you are looking for additional impact protection for the products you send at square corners, these protective cardboard corners are arguably an essential product in your business. Tough and impact-resistant, these cardboard guards are ready to use right away.

Protective cardboard corners for packaging are made of strong, pressed cardboard, so you can be sure that the edges of the items you send will be reliably protected from shocks, crushing or other consequences of direct contact. Protective cardboard corners will also reduce the movement of products during transport and at the same time increase the stability of the load, and this protective packaging can increase the stability of larger loads, as well as the creation of larger units or higher pallets. The unique property of cardboard corners is resistance to moisture, so they can be used in cool, humid places.

Protective cardboard corners can be cut, so each customer will be able to individually apply the irreplaceable protection of product corners to their products.

The protective cardboard corners in our range are of different dimensions, so each customer will meet their needs and find the most suitable protective means for packaging boxes or products.