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Adhesive packaging tape

Tape for packing, gluing ...

Adhesive packaging tape

Tape for packing, gluing ...

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The adhesive packing tape is classified according to adhesive adhesives.

The tape is used for gluing or packing batches and boxes.


  • Keeps the transparency;
  • Easy to glued, economical with respect to other bands;
  • Characterized by excellent adhesion properties, at a favorable temperature;
  • Operating temperature - 0 ºC / + 60 ºC;
  • Boxes packed in 36 units / pack 6 pcs.


  • Coated with rubber solvent glue;
  • Limp on dirty, dusty surfaces;
  • Highly adhesive glue, clay in extreme conditions;
  • Operating temperature - 30 ºC / + 60 ºC
  • Boxes packed in 36 units / pack 6 pcs.

* Tape measurements: Width x length m (meters).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Adhesive packing tape, others even more simply called scotch, is an indispensable packing tool not only in the household, but also in various companies. Most often, adhesive packing tapes are intended for shipments - packaging and marking of corrugated cardboard boxes and other types of packaging, but not infrequently, adhesive tape is used in storage, construction, and many production works. The multifunctional use of adhesive tape has led to the different use of adhesives in the production of this packaging.

Adhesive tape consists of several different layers, each of which is very important for the final properties of the product. The first layer is the base material, which determines only half of the properties of the adhesive tape, the other side is determined by the adhesive layer that is applied to this base layer.

In our range, adhesive packing tapes are distinguished by the strength of the glue used in production:

  • Acrylic adhesive tape is made on the basis of water adhesive, has good adhesion properties at positive temperatures, is resistant to UV radiation, does not turn yellow and is economical compared to other adhesive tapes. This tape is perfect for storage.
  • Solvent adhesive packing tape is based on a mixture of natural rubber and another chemical compound. This adhesive tape is usually used in very harsh conditions: low temperatures, high humidity, dust packing indoors or on surfaces. This adhesive tape provides the best adhesion and strength.

Want to represent your company with adhesive packing tape? - PacKing can help you! We produce adhesive tape with flexographic printing, you can not only choose the desired color colors, but also choose the base color - transparent, white or brown. Adhesive packaging tape with a logo will undoubtedly make your company or product name famous and raise awareness.