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Shipping / Moving boxes

Moving, shipments, warehousing or logistics ...

Shipping / Moving boxes

Moving, shipments, warehousing or logistics ...

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Corrugated cardboard boxes of various dimensions and thicknesses are produced. E, B, C corrugated cardboard is used for corrugated board production. The thickness of the package (boxes, sheets, etc.) is chosen depending on what you plan to pack and where to send it.

Materials used:

  • The thinnest corrugated cardboard (micro corrugated cardboard), it is marked with the letter E, thickness 1.5 - 1.8 mm. Used to transport / send light weight and less vulnerable products.
  • The average corrugated cardboard is marked with the letter B, thickness up to 3.2 mm. Used to transport / send heavier and more fragile items.
  • The thickest corrugated cardboard is marked with the letter C, thickness up to 4.5 mm. Used to transport / send heavy and vulnerable products.

* Dimensions on the website are internal.

* Box dimensions: Length x width x height mm (millimeters).

* Boxes are sold unfolded.

* The actual image may differ from the one shown in the photo.

Mailboxes, otherwise known as Fefco 0201 boxes, are a great and unavoidable alternative for anyone facing the bulking or moving of bulky items.

Shipment boxes are made of various thicknesses of cardboard, the unique feature of the production of these boxes allows each customer to purchase the most suitable shipping packaging according to individual needs, taking into account the items to be safely transported.

Whether you want to send fragile, light or heavy products, we will choose the shipping box for even the most demanding customer, and we are ready to advise and offer the most suitable packaging for your items or products.

Strength and resistance to external factors is a key feature of shipping boxes that ensures the safe shipment of your product, and items sent or transported will be protected from shocks, scratches, dust, or other consequences or damage from direct contact.

Pakingas understands that moving or frequent shipments require a lot of boxes, so for your convenience it sells parcel / removal boxes unfolded, so the boxes will not require a lot of storage space, and Pakingas realizes that sometimes boxes with non-standard dimensions are needed, so for your convenience manufactures shipping boxes in individual dimensions and thicknesses.