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Paper bags with flat paper handles

Handicrafts, food, gifts, accessories ...

Paper bags with flat paper handles

Handicrafts, food, gifts, accessories ...

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Paper bags with flat handles.

Made of brown or white 70-90 g / m2 kraft paper.

Bags can be made with individual print or logo.

Paper bags with twisted handles are used:

  • For shopping;

  • For gifts;

  • Accessories;

  • Food products.

The dimensions shown on the website are internal.

Bag dimensions: Length x width x height mm (millimeter).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Are you considering giving up plastic bags or packaging to pack your products? - We offer a great alternative to plastic bags - paper bags with flat (Flat) strong handles. These eco-friendly bags are made of brown or white 70 g / m2 kraft paper, are durable, good-looking and most importantly multifunctional.

Paper bags with flat handles are perfect for taking food in a wide variety of food establishments - from a traditional restaurant to the most luxurious restaurant. The uses of the bags are very diverse - from retail to business gift packaging.

Considering a minimalist design printed on your packaging? Or maybe about the intense color change and bright motif on the paper bag? - We are ready to make your vision a reality! At the customer's request, we can place flexographic or silkscreen printing on paper bags with flat handles and thus give your bag exclusivity and uniqueness.

Let your packaging speak its own brand and thus increase the awareness of your brand in a non-verbal way.