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A4 format labels

Parcel marking ...

A4 format labels

Parcel marking ...

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Adhesive "Label media" A4 labels suitable for both inkjet and laser printers.

Strongly sliding to various surfaces. Labels are widespread in shipping services.

Package contains 100 sheets. Convenient and easy to use.

Self-adhesive labels are used:

  • Marking of parcels;
  • Price writing;
  • For printing text.

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Extremely easy and fast use of universal A4 format labels has made these labels an integral part of every individual or business. The range of uses for A4 adhesive labels is very wide, from the usual stamping on labels, address writing, product descriptions to barcode printing, product price marking or even gluing various advertising texts on billboards.

The production of universal A4 labels uses special acrylic adhesives, which not only save printers, but also adhere firmly to various surfaces, are not sensitive to external factors. Due to the unique adhesive, when labels are removed, they do not leave any marks on the surface.

The surface of A4 adhesive labels is especially suitable for both color and black-and-white inks for laser and inkjet printers, so if you only have an inkjet or laser printer in your company or home, adhesive labels will be a quality and practical choice for you.

For your convenience, you will find adhesive labels of various sizes in the range, no matter what size you choose in the A4 format package, there will be 100 pieces, but the number of labels will depend on your individual needs.