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Colored shredded paper

For decorations, gifts or jewelry packaging ...

Colored shredded paper

For decorations, gifts or jewelry packaging ...

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Product reference: CSP-2/01

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The paper shavings are made of luxurious and high quality colored paper.

Packed in 100 g. (grams) or 1 kg. (kilogram).

Paper shavings are used for:

  • Decorating;
  • Gift or jewelry packaging;
  • To fill the cans or bags;
  • For consignments.

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Colored paper chips are made of high-quality paper of various colors. These decorative paper chips are perfect for filling paper bags or cardboard gift boxes.

Paper chips stabilize the product in its packaging, so it moves less during transportation.

Due to its colorfulness, paper chips provide an opportunity to create more compositions. Paper chip colors are available - white, brown, red, black and green, so even the most picky will be able to turn their packaging into a unique, luxurious and eye-catching one.

For your convenience, colored paper chips are packed in 100 g packages. and 1 kg each, so you can buy smaller quantities of paper chips of different colors and thus further emphasize the uniqueness of your product or packaging.