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Colored tissue paper

Decoration, jewelry boxes and packing ..

Colored tissue paper

Decoration, jewelry boxes and packing ..

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The tissue paper is packed in rolls of 30 sheets.

Width of a sheet of paper 70 cm * 50 cm.

Tissue paper used:

  • Decorating;
  • Gift or jewelry packaging;
  • To fill the cans or bags.

* Paper Sheet Dimensions: Length x Width in cm (centimeters).

* The actual image may differ from the one presented in the photo.

Colored tissue paper is a packaging material designed to improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of a product.

Tissue paper, as a packaging medium, usually performs several functions at the same time - first of all, this decorative packaging paper is used to improve the overall image of the product, tissue paper is full of luxury, so it is sure to fit even the most luxurious jewelry. every business entity. The second function of tissue paper is to fill the volume of the package and provide stability. The packaged product on tissue paper will be more stable and will not move during transportation.

Tissue paper is sold in rolls, each roll contains 30 sheets with dimensions of 70 * 50 cm.

The range of colors of silk packaging paper is very diverse, so each customer will find the most suitable not only for their product, but also for different occasions - white, black, red, peach, pink, purple (several shades), cream, bright pink, yellow, gray, green (several shades), blue and other colors.